Add/Drop Procedure

Before the first day of class: If you have met the  admissions criteria and are currently enrolled you may activate your titan live account in order to register for classes via Webadvisor.

During the Schedule Adjustment Period: If you are currently registered, you may Drop and Add classes via Webadvisor during the first few days of class. You should Drop and Add during the same registration transaction to avoid owing additional charges for classes with equal credit hours.

After the Schedule Adjustment Period: You must obtain the instructor’s consent in order to Drop or Withdraw after the schedule adjustment period. Please contact the Financial Aid Office to determine how the drop or withdrawal will affect your financial aid.

  • Drop an online class – You may drop/withdraw an online class by emailing your instructor.
  • Drop a face-to-face class – Please submit a Drop Form with the instructor’s signature to the Records office at Jamestown or an advisor at another campus.

Refunds: Please refer to the Cashier’s Office for the refund policy.

Drop versus Withdrawal:  The difference between a Drop and a Withdrawal is based on the class Census Date. You may view your Census Date on the course syllabus or your WebAdvisor account.

  • Drop – a Drop is processed on or prior to the Census Date. Your completion rate, GPA, and Transcript will not reflect a dropped class.  If you receive financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid office to learn how your award is affected by the credit hour reduction.
  • Withdraw – Withdrawals are processed after the Census Date and before 70% of the scheduled class hours are completed.  A grade of “W” will reflect on your transcript.  Your GPA will remain unaffected.  If you receive financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office to learn how your completion rate is affected by the withdrawal.

Consequences of not Withdrawing: You will receive a grade of “F” if you do not formally withdraw before 70% of the scheduled class hours have elapsed. Please consult the Academic Calendar or your syllabus to view the semester withdraw deadline.  In the event of an extenuating circumstance such as an accident, illness or death in the family, please contact the instructor who may assign you grades of I, W or F.

Last updated 3/10/2014