Career Services Training Videos

Resume Writing 101: Your resume is your first impression with an employer and like all first impressions, your resume better be a good one! The following video highlights how applicants should tailor their resumes to a job description and will discuss in detail the “Nuts and Bolts” of developing a strong combination resume. Viewers will also learn the three hallmarks of resume writing: 1) One Size Does Not Fit All, 2) The placement of information is just as important as the information itself, and 3) A resume should always be changed to highlight the skills listed in the job description. This system has been proven to work time and again; now all you have to do is watch!

Interviewing Techniques: The interview can make or break an applicant’s chance to start a new job! It takes skill and practice to remain humble while simultaneously selling yourself to an employer! This session will ID commonly asked questions, and present recommendations and tools for answering an employer’s toughest inquiries. This session will also examine basic interviewing etiquette, professional dress, and the need to show your passion in the interview. You are only one step away from becoming the next great interviewer; why not start watching now?