Closing Procedures

Inclement Weather & Other Emergencies

In the event of inclement weather, GTCC will determine whether to delay classes, cancel classes, or close the College. A decision will be made by 5:30 a.m. for day classes and by 3:00 p.m. for evening classes.

Guilford Technical Community College Notifications and Related Information Will Be Published On:

Media Notifications – Check the following media outlets for information:

Television Stations and Websites

  • NEWS 14 Carolina (Time Warner Cable)
  • WFMY News 2 (CBS TV-2)
  • WGHP (FOX 8)
  • WXII (NBC TV-12)
  • WXLV-TV (ABC 45), WUPN-TV (UPN-48)


  • Entercom Radio: WJMH (102.1 JAMZ); WMQX (93.1 The Wolf); WSMW (98.7 Simon); WPET (950 AM); WQMG (97.1); WEAL (1510 AM)
  • IHeartRadio: WKMS (105.7); WVBZ (100.3); WTQR (104.1); WMAG (99.5); WGBT (94.5)
  • WSJS (600 AM); WFMR (1230 AM); WZTK (101.1 FM)


If the college is closed, students and employees do not report to any campus.

Day Classes – Classes, events and activities that begin PRIOR to 5:00 p.m. during the week and on weekends.

Evening Classes – Classes events and activities that start AT 5:00 p.m. OR LATER during the week and on weekends.

College (or Campus) Closed means neither students nor employees are expected to report to the College (Campus).

The College will determine how canceled classes will make up the work. Only pre-determined essential staff will need to report.

College (or Campus) Closing at (time) means that students or employees who are not currently on campus SHOULD NOT REPORT to the College (Campus). All faculty, staff and students currently on campus are expected to leave their campus at the closing time indicated and in a manner consistent with any evacuation instructions given by Campus Police. The College will determine how canceled classes will make up the work. Essential cadre staff and other employees identified by a cadre member as essential for a particular event will remain at work or report to work.

College (or Campus) Will Open At (time) (Day or Evening) means that classes will not meet prior to the announced opening time. Students, faculty and staff will resume their regular schedule at the announced opening time.

Classes Canceled (Day or Evening) means that there are no classes for STUDENTS. Employees are expected to report to work or take annual leave. The message would read “all day classes canceled” or “all night classes canceled.”

January 2017