College Transfer Club

What is the College Transfer Club?

The College Transfer Club is an organization for students whose plans are to transfer to a
four-year institution. One of the many purposes of the College Transfer Club is to provide
students with an opportunity to navigate the educational options that are available for students.

How can the College Transfer Club Benefit you?

There are many benefits of participating in the College Transfer Club. While some of the reasons are essential in helping students to choose a college, other reasons are beneficial to the social and personal development of the student. They include, but are not limited to the following:

Peer Support
Up-to-date Information on Colleges
Communication Skills
Leadership Skills
Friendships and Fun
Exposure to many four-year institutions

How can You Benefit the College Transfer Club?

The College Transfer Club is an student organization that you are a part of. Remember, the College Transfer Club is YOUR organization. You can benefit the CTC in many capacities.

Some of the competencies that students should possess that will have a great impact the club’s success are:

Ability to work effectively w/ others
Active Listener
Constructive Communicator
Willing to Participate

How to Get Involved!!

If you are interested in becoming a member of the College Transfer Club, just come to one of our meetings! Meetings are held every other Wednesday at noon beginning January 15th on the Jamestown Campus, and once per month at 11:30am beginning February 19th at the Greensboro Campus.. If you can’t attend the meetings, NO WORRIES! Just visit the College Transfer Club on Web Advisor under the Student Life tab to keep up with the latest news on upcoming events.


The most significant objective of the College Transfer Club is to make the college transfer process as smooth as possible for students. Within the organization, students are provided an opportunity to meet other students that are planning to transfer to a four-year institution. Information of different four-year institutions is provided and students are encouraged to share information about the different colleges that they plan to attend and to be of support to their fellow club members.

Students who become members of the College Transfer Club can participate in activities such as going on college tours and attending college transfer fairs. Such activities are designed to help stu-dents explore a plethora of transfer options that are available and to become more familiar with the transfer process. Also, students will engage in fundraisers that will help fund the activities provided for members of the College Transfer Club.

If you are on the path of College Transfer, this is an excellent student organization to join. Stay proactive about your future and COME GET INVOLVED in an organization that cares about you and your future!!