Proctoring Services for Non-GTCC Students

Guilford Technical Community College is a member of The National College Testing Association (NCTA), which is an organization of testing professionals in post-secondary institutions and testing companies. NCTA, organized in 2000 when several regional associations merged their memberships, focuses on issues relating to test administration, test development, test scoring, and assessment.

Through this membership, the Jamestown Campus Assessment Center is able to offer proctoring services for students who are participating in programs outside of Guilford Technical Community College. This would include students taking online programs, distance education, and regular in-class students who are away from their institutions during testing periods.

The Assessment Center is able to accommodate paper-pencil tests as well as online exams, in a secure, monitored environment. Please contact one of the proctors below to schedule your appointment.  This service is available at a rate of $10 per hour. An additional fee of $5 (domestic) is necessary if your exam must be mailed back to the institution

Testing Dates

Proctor Services are only offered at the Jamestown Campus Assessment Center and requires an advance registration. Please use RegisterBlast to schedule your appointment for a proctor at GTCC’s Jamestown Assessment Center. The use of this scheduler does not bypass whatever scheduler or process your home campus has in place for taking a test or exam somewhere other than their campus.

Testing Dates

May 1 – May 17 No proctor service
May 21 – May 24 Proctor services are available
May 28 GTCC Closed
May 29 – July 3 Proctor services are available
July 4 GTCC Closed
July 5 – July 19 Proctor services are available
July 23 – July 26 No proctor service
July  30 – July 31 Proctor services are available
August 1 – August 10 No proctor service
August 13 – August 29 Proctor services are available
September 3 GTCC Closed
September 4 – October 4 Proctor services are available
October 8 – October 9 No proctor service
October 10 – November 20 Proctor services are available
November 21 No proctor service
November 22 – November 23 GTCC Closed
December 3 – December 14 No proctor service
December 17 Proctor services are available
December 18 – December 19 No proctor service