English As a Foreign Language (EFL)

English as a foreign language (EFL) courses help students prepare for college level academic expectations in these areas:

  • Grammar
  • Composition
  • Reading
  • Listening/speaking
  • Cultural components

Who should take the EFL courses?

  • Non-native speakers of American English who do not place directly into their program of study courses.
  • Students who may place into their program of study courses, but who want/need additional instruction in academic English.
  • Any non-native speaker of American English who desires to increase their academic knowledge of the language.

How do students register for the courses?

  • New students should click on the Requirements tab and follow those instructions.
  • Existing students can register through WebAdvisor during open enrollment.
  • If existing students have any questions about courses, they can contact their faculty coach.

 Program Success Rates:

In the first year of the EFL courses, 100% of students who took EFL 074, 084, and 094 (Level IV reading, grammar, and composition), and then took EFL 095 in conjunction with ENG 111 scored either an A or B in all coursework.


  • In order to take EFL classes, students must make application to GTCC and follow the specifications required for admission to the college.
  • More information can be obtained about admission.


  • EFL 064 – Listening / Speaking IV
  • EFL 073 – Reading III
  • EFL 074 – Reading IV
  • EFL 083 – Grammar III
  • EFL 084 – Grammar IV
  • EFL 093 – Composition III
  • EFL 094 – Composition IV
  • EFL 095 – Composition V

How do students register for the courses?

  • New students should click on the Requirements tab and follow those instructions.
  • Existing students should contact their faculty coach. To find your faculty coach, go to Webadvisor and log-in. Then click on My Profile. Your faculty coach will be listed there.


Important Resource Information for GTCC Students

International Student Information

This site will give students information regarding student services for international students, policies, procedures, and contact information for the international student advisor.

Financial Aid Resources and Information

This site will link you to important information for scholarship opportunities, federal grants and loans. Deadlines for filing and links to the FAFSA application are also included on this site.


Moodle is the online classroom component that all GTCC courses use for communication about in-class and online assignments. Each semester, you will have a Moodle site for each of your classes. Use your Titan ID (without @gtcc.edu) and password to log-in. Your courses will not be listed until the first day of the semester.

Titan Email

You should check your GTCC email at least once per day for important announcements from the staff and faculty. Use your Titan ID and add the ending @gtcc.edu for the username. You will use the same password for your email as you do for Moodle.


WebAdvisor provides important account information, your class schedule, any financial aid information, such as missing documents and/or award letters, your unofficial transcript, etc. To log-in, use your Titan ID (without @gtcc.edu) and password.

Listed Below are Helpful Links to Improve Your Academic English

 Online Skills Practice Exercises

USA Learns

This site provides free help in English in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, grammar, and writing from beginning to advanced levels.