FERPA Directory Information

Enrollment Services continuously receive inquiries about students and often are questioned by faculty and staff as to what student information is permissible to release. The information below will address questions about directory information, educational records,/security and student’s rights to their educational records.

“Directory information” is information not generally considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed.

GTCC in compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) also known as the Buckley Amendment, defines directory information as: name, address, telephone number, field of study, most recent previous school attended, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of athletes, dates of attendance, degrees, and awards. While FERPA includes date and place of birth, the College reserves the right to omit this from directory information to protect students from possible discrimination.

Disclosure of information other than directory information requires prior written consent of the student. The consent must specify records that may be disclosed, state purpose of disclosure, and identify party or class of parties to whom disclosure may be made.

Although directory information is not considered an invasion of privacy and there are exceptions that do not require prior consent from the student, inquiries should be referred to Enrollment services.

Disclosure Exceptions

  1. To school officials (persons within the agency or institution determined to have legitimate educational interest)
  2. To schools in which a student seeks or intends to enroll
  3. To Federal, State and local authorities involving an audit or evaluation of compliance with education programs
  4. To State and local authorities pursuant to a State law adopted before November 1974 requiring the disclosure
  5. To organizations conducting studies for or on behalf of educational institutions
  6. To accrediting organizations
  7. To comply with a judicial order or subpoena
    Must make a reasonable effort to notify student in advance of compliance
    Not all subpoenas are lawfully issued
  8. Health or safety emergency
  9. Directory information
  10. To the student
  11. Results of disciplinary hearing to an alleged victim of a crime of violence

Last update 2/28/14

Type of Records Maintained by GTCC

Type Location Custodian
Admissions Office Admissions & Records
MCC – Jamestown, NC
Director of Admissions
Cumulative Academic Records Admissions & Records Registrar
GED & AHS Graduation Raleigh GED Office Coordinator GED & AHS
Health Records
(for allied health students only)
Appropriate Departmental Office Department Chair Department Chairs
Financial Aid Records Financial Aid Office
MCC- Jamestown, NC
Director of Financial Aid
Progress Records Appropriate Departmental or
Department Chair or Instructor
Faculty Offic

Last update 2/28/14

Last update 2/28/14