Greater Greensboro Consortium

The Greater Greensboro Consortium (GGC) is a program designed to expand the options available to degree-seeking students who are currently enrolled in one of the eight colleges and universities in the surrounding area. Its primary purpose is to assist a student in registering for a course(s) elsewhere that is unavailable in a given semester on the student’s home campus.

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Participating Institutions

Any college or university approved by the GGC to participate in the cross-registration program. These include Bennett, Elon, Greensboro, GTCC, Guilford, High Point, NC A&T SU, and UNCG.

Home Campus

The participating institution at which a student is enrolled in a degree program.

Host Campus

A participating institution (other than a student’s home campus) at which a student takes one or more courses (Read below procedures for registering).

Consortium Eligibility

Consortium students must be degree-seeking students, currently enrolled in one of the participating institutions. They must have the permission of the coordinating officer (normally the Registrar) from their HOME Campus. Consortium students may not cross-register for courses inappropriate to the degree they seek or to their class status; for example, sophomores can take sophomore level classes and undergraduates may take only undergraduate courses. Consortium students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA or higher at their  HOME campus to participate. Completion of developmental coursework (English, Reading, Math) is required prior to taking a class thru the consortium program.


There is no limit to the number of courses that consortium students may take at other institutions, although students must be enrolled for at least six semester hours at the home institution (GTCC). At least one-half of students course work must be completed at the HOME campus each semester. This program is not intended for courses that are designed to be self-supporting, so independent studies are not available.

Procedures for Registering

*** If GTCC is your HOME Institution ***

GTCC students can cross-register to take classes at any of the other seven approved institutions. Course schedules from participating institutions are available on the host school web page. The following administrative procedures must be followed to properly enroll and receive credit:

  1. Students eligible to participate in the GGC must pick up consortium forms at the GTCC Registrar’s Office #239 Medlin Center, Jamestown Campus or at any Student Success Center campus (Building H1 #133, High Point Campus & Continuing Education Center #132, Greensboro Campus).
  2. Complete form, including HOST institution courses. Sign the form.
  3. Obtain approval for courses from GTCC Associate VP of Instruction and Registrar’s Office. Signatures required for approval.
  4. Registration dates will be provided to you by GTCC Registrar’s Office for all consortium schools.
  5. Go to the HOST campus and register on the appropriate dates. Present signed consortium form with an unofficial transcript.
  6. After registering at the HOST campus, you are to bring your HOST registration schedule and the
    consortium form to GTCC Registrar’s Office. Your schedule will be noted and you will be advised of
    any tuition adjustments. (The additional courses will count in the amount of curriculum credit
    hours for the current semester.)
  7. GTCC campus Registrar’s Office will issue you a consortium parking tag.
  8. The Consortium Program is not available during the Summer Term.
*** If GTCC is Your HOST Institution ***
    1. An RCN number is required if you are a new visiting consortium student to GTCC. Please visit:
    2. Visiting students should complete a GTCC admission application, Follow visiting Students Path to Success, click on Apply to GTCC and send official college transcripts prior to consortium registration. There is no admission application fee.
    3. Students from participating GGC colleges are eligible to cross-register for courses at GTCC during assigned registration dates and the drop/add period.(Please verify with your HOME campus Registrar’s Office for dates.)
    4. Visiting students must bring in their completed consortium form, signed by their HOME campus Registrar with an official college transcripts.
    5. Students may register for GTCC courses on a space available basis.
    6. Consortium students are also responsible for meeting any course prerequisites (if applicable) and restrictions which apply to GTCC courses (example limited enrollment program courses).
    7. Visiting student parking tags are issued by your HOME campus Parking Services or Registrar’s Office.

Registration Contact Information

Each institution has varying registration processes. In order to ensure correct registration procedures, please contact the following individuals at participating institutions:

Bennett College

Jennifer Garner, Assistant Registrar, Phone 336-370-8620

Elon University 

Alexander Taylor, Assistant Registrar, Phone: 336-278-6679

Greensboro College

Travis Mickey, Registrar, Phone: 336-272-7102, x201

Guilford College

Tammy Martin, Assistant Registrar, Phone: 336-316-2948

Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC)

Kristen Fowler, Evaluator, Transfer Credit, Phone: 336-334-4822, Ext. 50068

High Point University

Ann Miller, Assoc. Registrar, Phone: 336-841-9205

North Carolina A&T State University

Malia Brown, Student Support Specialist, Phone: 336-334-7595 (Option 4)

University of North Carolina Greensboro, (UNCG)

Jillian Lincourt, Registration Specialist, phone: 336-334-5646

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are paid to the HOME campus. Fees are not charged by the HOST campus for cross registration courses unless there are special charges (such as lab fees, insurance, course materials, etc.). In these cases, consortium students must pay these charges to the HOST campus.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is awarded, disbursed, and accounted for by the financial aid officer on the student’s HOME campus. No funds are exchanged among participating institutions.

Schedule Adjustment

Students may add classes during the drop/add period if they have written permission from their HOME institution. The consent must be documented on the consortium form. All students are required to follow the HOST campus’ rules, guidelines and deadlines pertaining to dropping classes and withdrawals. To withdraw, students must withdraw in writing from the HOST campus and notify their HOME campus.

Use of Educational Resources

Educational resources and support services at the HOST campus are made available to consortium students as required. These include research and library resources. Students will need to show the consortium schedule to library officials to gain library privileges.

An ID card will not be issued by the HOST campus to students from other campuses who are participating in the consortium program. As a result, consortium students are not eligible to use recreational facilities that require a HOST campus ID card.

Grades and Grading Procedures

It is the responsibility of the HOST institution to send the HOME institution the grade of the consortium student at the completion of the semester. This grade is recorded on the student’s transcript at his or her HOME campus.

A student requesting a grade change will need to abide by the governing policies of the HOST institution. All students participating in the consortium program should contact the Registrar’s Office of the HOST campus to determine the appropriate procedures for grade changes.