1. Please log into your Webadviser account. From GTCC homepage hover mouse over mygtcc until menu appears and then click on Webadvisor.
  2. Then log in with your GTCC user ID and password. Once you have logged in you can click on Search for Classes if they are not going to register at this time. If you are interested in registering for classes now, then they will click on Search/Register for classes. (For this example we will use Search/Register for classes.)
  3. Although this screen can be a bit daunting for registering for the first time, it doesn’t have to be. Only a few of the blocks need input. Note that you could enter the day of week you preferred a course, the instructor’s name, etc. resulting in a more specialized search being performed.
  • Term must be identified. Click the down arrow to select the semester in which you want to search for classes.
  • In the Subject column, click the down arrow in the first row and a list of program subjects will appear. Scroll down to locate the desired topic and click on the topic.
  • In the Course Number column, enter the number of the desired course.
  • In the location block, click the down arrow to display locations, select one and then press submit.

    4. Here’s an example of completed form.

When the search parameters have been identified to your satisfaction, click submit.

  1. Here’s an example of the Search Results based on the above query.

Click status to reorganize the list with all open or available courses being displayed followed by closed courses.

Click the link under the Section Name and Title to identify the day or days that the course will meet along with any lab (if the course requires a lab) and the prerequisites that must be completed before taking this course.

When you have identified the course that you want, click the box to the left of the course name and then click submit.


  1. Then you are taken to the Register and Drop Sections page. Here’s an example.

Confirm that the desired course is listed. If you are ready to proceed with registration then hover mouse over the down arrow in the action column and choose from the options offered – typically register. Review the selection and then press submit.

If there are no errors, you will receive an on screen notification that they have successfully enrolled yourself in the course.

However, different types of errors that may be displayed at this point. For example, if you are attempting to register for multiple courses at once an error message may be displayed if the timing of one course conflicts – to resolve check the info on the link listed under section name and title.