International Students Association (ISA)

The International Student Association (ISA) was organized in 1983.

Our Purpose: To provide an opportunity for international students to increase their knowledge and awareness of the different cultures and customs that are present on campus and in the community.

Who We Are: You do not need to be an international student to be a member, but rather someone who wants to become culturally competent and/or educate others about the various cultures in our community, and this great, diverse nation.

What to Expect: Exposure to various cultures, customs, and traditions through special events, activities and field trips. The aim of the organization is to provide support and inclusion for all students.

Our Commitment: The ISA is committed to helping students enhance their opportunities for achieving personal and academic success through educational programs and events. For international students, we also strive to make the transition into college life and the United States easier.

Why Get Involved: As our world transforms into a more global society, it is imperative for our nation to embrace the diverse nature of our future being.   Learning is a lifelong process, and occurs both inside and outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities that will enhance their experience at the college and the community. GTCC offers a variety of organizations, cultural and educational events, of which provide opportunities for international and domestic student interaction.

Events: International Coffee Hour, International Student Week, International Luncheon Cuisine, Speakers Bureau and Cultural Fling Day. The ISA members also coordinate other programs and events such as field trips to the International Civil Rights Museum and an International Talent Showcase.