Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) Offers Assistance to ITT Tech Students

GTCC is ready to assist former ITT Tech students who would like to continue their education.  Former ITT Tech students will receive personalized support that is relevant to their educational needs.  We encourage interested students to contact one of the following administrators to determine how GTCC can help.

Kirby Moore – Registrar
336-334-4822 extension: 50064

GTCC has created options for ITT Tech students to apply previous learning to GTCC programs.  Because GTCC only accepts credit from regionally accredited colleges and universities, ITT Tech credit cannot be transferred directly.

Students will be able to receive college credit by successfully completing College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests.  CLEP allows students to earn college credit in 25 subjects.

The college is also working on several competency based exams that will allow students to receive GTCC credit in subject areas not covered by CLEP.  Our two lead contacts Kristi Short and Kirby Moore will be able to provide more details about receiving transfer credit in specific subject areas.

GTCC looks forward to helping former ITT Tech students realize their educational goals.