Limited Enrollment Programs

GTCC is an “open door institution”. You may be accepted into our school but will have to meet certain requirements to be considered for admission into a limited enrollment program. Limited enrollment means we have more applicants than space available. A student applying for a limited enrollment program may enroll in classes that will help them meet the minimum requirements for their specific program of choice. The Allied Health programs (Nursing, ADN, PN & PN Bridge) Dental Assisting and Hygiene, Emergency Medical Science, EMS Bridging, Medical Assisting, Pharmacy Technology, Physical Therapy Assistant and Surgical Technology) are considered limited enrollment as well as, Cosmetology, Public Service Program and Automotive Systems Technology (Ford and GM) in the Transportation Systems Technology.

Many of these programs are highly competitive and students are encouraged to meet with an Admissions Officer early in the application process. Each program has a deadline date along with a mandatory information session for Dental Hygiene and Nursing (excluding PN Bridge applicants). The application process, requirements and acceptance process are explained in the information sessions. Program information packets can be obtained in the Enrollment Services Center located on the 2nd floor of the Medlin Campus Center or by clicking on the program name to access the information packets.

Programs Admission Packet (PDF)

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Cosmetology Program Admission Packet (PDF)

Dental Programs Admission Packet (PDF)

Emergency Medical Science Program (PDF)

Health Information Technology (PDF)

Medical Assisting Program Admission Packet (PDF)

Pharmacy Technology Program Admission Packet (PDF)

Physical Therapist Assistant Program Admission Packet (PDF)

Radiography Program Admission Packet (PDF)

Surgical Technology Program Admission Packet (PDF)

Selection Process

Admissions Officers will review applications from applicants who have satisfied the minimum selection criteria. Limited enrollment programs vary in the process of ranking applicants. Applicants will be selected for program admission or ranked as alternates based on one or more of the following components (program specific):

  • Placement test scores
  • College coursework
  • High school coursework
  • Attendance at Orientation
  • Related job experience
  • Answers to supplemental questions
  • Résumé
  • Prior application to the program
  • Employment experience
  • Course Requirements

The course requirements for GTCC programs are subject to change each academic year. For GTCC certificate/degree requirements, a student must follow the program requirements either for the year the student is officially admitted to the program or the year the student is completing the program.

Student Progress

Students in limited enrollment programs are expected to complete the curriculum within the designated time-frame for the program.

Students who are unable to maintain satisfactory progress may, through a process of review, be removed from a program. This is especially true in regard to clinical education in which patient safety is involved.

Students in limited enrollment health programs must maintain a final grade no lower than a C in each course with a prefix of BIO, CHM, DEN, EMS, MED, NAS, NUR, PHM, PHY, PTA, RAD, and SUR. Health students making a D or F in any health or health related course will be suspended from the program at the end of the course in which the grade occurs. In addition, health program students who are not eligible to continue at clinical sites may be suspended. Health students on suspension have the right to appeal.

Advanced Standing

Students with previous training may be admitted to programs with advanced standing. This may be possible where students have partially completed similar programs at other institutions or where related one-year certificates have been completed. Students seeking advanced placement into limited enrollment programs should apply like other students. In the event they are offered admission, the student will undergo a transcript evaluation to determine his or her advanced placement.