Serving Students At A Distance

Welcome to GTCC! We know that students at Guilford Technical Community College cannot always be on campus. We have multiple ways for students to keep in touch even when they cannot be here.

In an effort to serve students to the best of our ability, the Student Success Center offers the following services in person and via phone or email:

  1. Course Override
  2. Advising
  3. Registration
  4. Graduation audit
  5. Program Change forms (Can also be submitted via fax; Veterans must still obtain the signature of the Veteran Coordinator before form will be processed)
  6. Withdrawal forms (If via email, form must be submitted from the students’ GTCC email account and include the following):
    1. Name, Student ID Number, Course information
    2. Reason withdrawing from course
    3. Statement indicating that student chooses to waive the right to discuss withdrawal and to obtain a signature from the Financial Aid or Veteran Office.

Students must verify the following information for any services provided via phone or email.

  1. Via email – student must send email from their GTCC email.
  2. Via phone and email – student must verify name, student ID number, last four digits of Social Security number, date of birth, address, and courses have taken the previous semester.

Become a student at GTCC by completing the online process found here:Path to Success

These pages contain at-a-distance access to our services for all of our students. Emails are returned within two business days. Telephone calls are answered or returned during business hours.

Click on the tabs below to read about our services


The disAbility Access Services Office is available to assist students with disability related accommodations and services at GTCC. Whether your disability is short-term or permanent, we are here to help you.
disAbility Access Office

  • 336-334-4822 ext. 50157 from Jamestown
  • 336-454-1126 ext. 50157 from High Point
  • Email:


The Admissions Office helps students begin or continue working toward their educational goals. If you are a new student, welcome! If you have been a GTCC student before, but have been away for two or more years, contact us.

  • If you are interested in credit/curriculum courses, please visit our Admissions page. Admissions
  • If you are interested in any of our degree programs, please visit Degree Programs.
  • If you are interested in any of our fully online programs, please visit our eDegree site
  • If you are interested in non-credit courses, please visit Continuing Education page.
  • 336-334-4822 ext. 31125 from Jamestown
  • 336-454-1126 ext. 31125 from High Point
  • Email:


The Student Success Center helps students map their educational and career path. Need information about academic advising, career services, new student orientation, or international student services?
Student Success Center

Assessment Center

The Assessment Center provides testing and proctoring services for all GTCC students.  Testing locations are available on all campuses.
Assessment Center

  • 336-334-4822 ext. 50525 from Jamestown
  • 336-454-1126 ext. 50525 from High Point
  • Fax: 336-819-2005
  • Email:


Provides course materials and technology items for students.

  • 336-334-4822 ext. 50050 from Jamestown
  • 336-454-1126 ext. 50050 from High Point

Campus Events

The Student Life Office hosts college events on all campuses.
Student Life Events calendar

Campus Labs

Computer labs are available to students on all campuses.
Computer labs

Career Services

The GTCC Career Services Office provides students with career exploration information, job search strategies, and much more.  Individuals are available on all campuses to assist you!
Career Services Office

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides personal counseling services and referrals for students. Individuals are available on all campuses to assist you.
Counseling Center

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office has staff on all campuses to assist you.
Financial Aid

  • 336-334-4822 Option 3 from Jamestown
  • 336-454-1126 Option 3 from High Point
  • Email:

Student Complaint Policy

Learn more about GTCC’s Student Grievance

International Students

The main International Student Office is located on the 2nd Floor of the Medlin Campus Center on the Jamestown Campus. However, information and services for international students can be found on all campuses.
International Students


The GTCC Library has locations on all campuses.

  • 336-334-4822 ext. 50290 from Jamestown
  • 336-454-1126 ext. 50290 from High Point
  • Email:


Cashier’s Office locations are available on all campuses.

WebAdvisor provides an easy online payment system for students. Login to WebAdvisor
The Cashiers Office is available when payment questions arise.

  • 336-334-4822 ext. 50083 from Jamestown
  • 336-454-1126 ext. 50083 from High Point
  • Email:


Records services can be located on all campuses.

  • 336-334-4822 ext. 0 from Jamestown
  • 336-454-1126 ext. 0 from High Point

Student Life

Student Life Office representatives are located on all of our campuses. The Student Life Office sponsors the Student Government Association, Student Clubs, and Activities on all campuses.
Student Life

  • 336-334-4822 ext. 50517 from Jamestown
  • 336-454-1126 ext. 50517 from High Point

Technical Help

Tech support: Click here for frequently asked questions

  • Live Chat (Sun-Thurs, 3pm-12am) available
  • 24/7 Help Desk: 1.866.826.3748
  • Email:
  • Phone (Sun-Thurs, 3pm-12am): 336.334.4822 ext 31216


We take care of incoming or outgoing transcripts. Transcripts can be mailed, hand-delivered, or sent electronically encrypted to the Records Office.
Send Transcripts

  • 336-334-4822 from Jamestown
    Kristen Fowler ext. 50161, Renetta Smith ext. 50354 email:
  • 336-454-1126 from High Point
    Tracy Mack  ext. 50335 email


he Tutoring Center has locations on all campuses.
Tutoring Centers


The main Military/Veterans Assistance Office is on the 2nd Floor of the Medlin Campus Center on the Jamestown Campus.  However, assistance for veterans is available in the Student Success Center on all campuses.
Military/Veterans Assistance Office


  • 336-334-4822 ext. 50521 from Jamestown
  • 336-454-1126 ext. 50521 from High Point
  • Email:

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Click on the tabs below to read about most commonly asked questions

How can I receive Veteran’s benefits?

Flora Taylor is our Coordinator and VA Certifying Official. You may contact her via email at or dial (336)334-4822 ext 50521.

How can my disability be accommodated?

Please view the Disability Access Services  for more information. You can direct your questions to

I’m experiencing personal challenges and need to talk to someone. Do you have a counseling center?

Please view our Virtual Counseling Center for more information. You can use the online screening process to identify an actual or potential problem.

Where can I go for help with math anxiety, time management or test anxiety?

To access the workshops, Students should follow these easy steps:

  1. Log in to Moodle.
  2. In the search bar, type in the words counseling workshops.
  3. Follow directions to enroll in course.
  4. Select the workshop that you would like to view.

How can I obtain more information on housing?

GTCC does not offer on-campus housing. Please contact Student Life for information regarding local residencies.

How do I change my name, address, or phone number?

To guarantee your security when you submit forms , GTCC observes identity verification procedures in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). There are several methods to verify your identity electronically.

You may submit your address or name change form by completing one of the following procedures:

  1. Titan Live Email – If you are a curriculum student and know your Titan credentials, you may email form submissions and inquiries from your titan live email. Please include your student identification number in the email.
  2. Personal Email – If you are a non-curriculum student or you do not have access to your Titan credentials, you may email form submissions and inquiries from your personal email. You must include a copy of your state issued photo identification. Please include your student identification number in the email.
  3. Fax – Please fax your request and a copy of your state issued photo identification to (336) 454-7073.

I live over an hour from campus. Will you mail my degree/diploma/certificate?

Yes! If you live over an hour away from our Jamestown campus, you may request to receive your Associate Degree, diploma, or certificate via mail. Please email

How may I request dates of attendance or verification of enrollment?

Please email to request enrollment verification.

How may I order a transcript?

Please view our outgoing transcript page for more information.

How do I apply for graduation?

Please view our graduation page for more information.

I am unable to reach an advisor over the phone. Help!

We receive many calls during busy times of the year. Have you tried sending an email with your Titan Account? You can view the contact information for each department here.

Who do I contact when I am unable to contact my instructor after multiple attempts?

Go to your Moodle account for your course and pull up your syllabus. The syllabus will list contact information for your program coordinator or Department Chair.

Most Commonly Asked Tech Support Questions

Most Commonly Asked Tech Support Questions

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