Faculty Testing Guidelines

1) The Assessment Center can accommodate any student who is unable to test in the classroom because of an accident, illness or other excused absence from class. Students who are contagious are not to test in the Assessment Center until they are no longer contagious (for example, chicken pox or strep throat).

2) The Assessment Center cannot accommodate entire classes, including final exams unless the class is an alternate delivery course (i.e. distance learning or the web enhanced). Seating within the Assessment Center is limited and during busy times, students may have to wait for an available desk or computer station.

3) To have your test(s) administered by the Assessment Center, fill out a Faculty Testing Instruction Form(PDF) with instructions on how your test should be administered. This information includes test name, time limits, aids allowed, special instructions or accommodations, student names, deadlines, etc.

  1. a) Please complete the entire form, remembering to include the last date to administer the test.
  2. b) Please ensure that the Assessment Center receives an adequate number of test for the number of students expected to test.

4) All tests MUST be accompanied by an associated Faculty Testing Instruction Form(PDF).  This form is needed to ensure your testing instructions are clear. Please paperclip your tests together with the testing instruction form on top. If you write the students’ names on the tests, please arrange the tests in alphabetical order by the last name.

  1. a) Students are made aware of the Assessment Center’s no break policy prior to beginning a test however the Assessment Center has received exams in excess of 10 pages and time limits of 4 hours. Such extended test times without a restroom break can be disturbing for students.
  2. b) If the test or exam time is expected to be longer than 3 hours please consider physically breaking the test into two separate sections and allowing the student to take a short break, not longer than 10 minutes, with no access to personal belongings. The student will then be permitted to take a break, no longer than 10 minutes between sections. Please note that the student will only receive 1 section of the test at a time.

5) Should any of your students have a letter of accommodation regarding tests those test should be handled in the following manner:

  1. a) All tests for students requesting accommodations need to be forwarded to the Assessment Center. This can be done via email (testingcenter@gtcc.edu), or dropped off at the Assessment Center’s front desk. Tests should be dropped off at least 48 hours prior to the start date of the test. Download: DAS Testing Instruction Form
  2. b) DAS students will contact the Assessment Center via phone, email (testingcenter@gtcc.edu) or in person in order to set up a testing appointment. Students must request a test appointment at least 24 hours prior to the desired test date/time.

6) Students will not be allowed to drop off, pick up, or remove test materials from the Assessment Center. The Assessment Center does not accept students’ homework assignments or take-home tests. In addition, the Assessment Center does not distribute take-home tests, course materials or study guides, score test or pass out grades. We will direct students to the instructor or instructor’s mailbox in either of these instances.

7) Students arriving at the Assessment Center without a valid photo id will not be allowed to test.

8) Please inform students that they will need to tell the Assessment Center staff the following information: Instructor’s name; the course number; if it is a distance learning course; and the test number or the chapters that the test covers.

9) Review Assessment Center hours here. Please make students aware of these testing hours, as students will be asked to leave at the scheduled closing time, even if they have not completed their test. Students will not be permitted to return at a later time to complete a test they have started or seen without permission from the instructor.

10) Dictionaries, calculators, whiteout, rulers, highlighters, blue books, Scantron answer sheets, etc. are not supplied by the Assessment Center. The Assessment Center will supply scratch paper and pencils.

Updated 2-1-17