Tips for Successfully Transferring

Take Advantage of Advising! Map out a plan of action with your Faculty Advisor/Student Success Coach

  • Research the school you would like to transfer to. Get to know the pre-requisite requirements for the university major you’re interested in pursuing
  • Don’t overload yourself! Take an equal amount of “major, general, and elective” courses each semester to even out your course load
  • Know your registration date and time. Always register as soon as possible
  • Keep returned papers from professors who may provide future job recommendation
  • Use all of GTCC’s student resources!
  • Counseling/DisAbility Access Services Office
  • Student Success Center
  • Tutoring Center
  • Writing Lab
  • Learning Assistance Center

Try to maintain a B average overall in required courses

  • C’s mean you’re an AVERAGE STUDENT
  • D’s DO NOT Transfer

Take time to become involved in extracurricular activities that relate to your major and interests

  • Seek out internships and co-op opportunities
    • o Create opportunities for experience by volunteering

Research scholarships offered online and at your school of choice

  • Accept Honor Society offers recognized by your school
  • Attend scholarship writing workshops

Talk with University Admissions Counselors

  • Bring an unofficial copy of your transcript for better advisement
  • Get to know the new school by attending their transfer events
  • Overnight Orientation Events
  • Transfer Workshops
  • Campus Tour
  • Open House

Create an Awesome Application

  • Show a one year or more, commitment to an extracurricular activity
  • Highlight your work experience (Proves that you are capable of multitasking while succeeding in school.)
  • Highlight leadership roles in the Student Government Association or campus clubs
  • Have one or two faculty recommendations available for review

Have Fun!

  • College times for many, is a fond reflection and highlight of their youth
  • Build a long-lasting network for future career movement
  • Keep a check on your social networks ( Hint, employers check them)

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