WebAdvisor Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have a cookies error. How can I resolve this problem?

You must clear cookies and restart your PC to resolve this issue.

Use these instructions for Internet Explorer: To Clear Browsing History in Internet Explorer

Use these instructions for Google Chrome: To Clear Browsing History in Google Chrome

Use these instructions for Mozilla Firefox: To Clear Browsing History in Mozilla Firefox

2. What is WebAdvisor?

WebAdvisor is a web interface that allows you to access information contained in Colleague, the database used by GTCC. All current (not new) students can use WebAdvisor . New students may access their Titan account after classes begin.

4. What is a visiting student?

A visiting student is a student that is not seeking a degree from GTCC and/or not receiving financial aid but would like to take one or more curriculum courses.

5. I’m a visiting student, do I have to submit transcripts or take placement tests?

a. If you have credit from another institution that meets the pre-requisite requirements for the course you want to take at GTCC, yes you will need to provide a transcript in order to register for the course. If you use an unofficial transcript you will have to be manually registered but if you send an official transcript to the college in a reasonable amount of time to be evaluated you will be able to register via WebAdvisor.

b. You will only need to take the placement test if you don’t have any previous college credit (must have C or higher) that satisfies the pre-requisite requirement.

6. I want to just search for classes and nothing else. What do I do?

Go to the following webpage and enter the term you wish to search in the term box. Search for classes. 

If you would like to view a PDF version of the entire curriculum schedule, Click here

7. I can’t register even though my appointment time has arrived. Why?

If you are certain your appointment time has arrived, yet you still cannot register, you may have a restriction/hold on your account. You can check your account for restrictions/holds via WebAdvisor and clicking on “Active Restrictions/Holds” under the “Classes” section.

8. I don’t have a registration appointment time, when do I register?

“If you do not have a registration appointment time listed in WebAdvisor, your date is the “New and Returning Students” date listed above. If you are a former student who has not attended GTCC in the past two years you would need to reapply. Go to the following link to get started: http://success.gtcc.edu/

9. Do I need to have a pink copy of my schedule?

No, the bookstore and your instructors will take the printed schedule from online.

10. How do I register for an orientation?

11. Who is my advisor?

You can find your assigned coach listed in WebAdvisor, in the “My Profile” tab. You may be assigned to two individuals depending on your status at the college. In order to get the advising hold removed (only added to students who started in a fall term) you will see the primary person listed (1st person listed).

12. I can’t find online classes when I’m using the Search for Classes function.

To find online classes while using the Search for Classes function, you must not include any search parameters which include a date or time. Online courses may be searched for by choosing “OC-Off Campus” in the Location drop down menu.

13. Which browsers can I use with WebAdvisor?

We suggest using one of the following browsers:

PC : Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari

MAC: Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari

We also recommend that the following features be installed or enabled to use WebAdvisor :

JavaScript enabled Cookies enabled Pop-up windows enabled Secure connection (HTTPS)

All above features are generally browser default settings. However, some browsers block pop-up windows automatically.

You may need to adjust your browser settings.

14. How do I print?

For PC Users – You can print a form by clicking the Print icon on the Toolbar of your browser. Alternately, you can click File, and then click Print in the drop-down menu. Then click OK in the displayed Print dialog box. The document will be printed on the printer indicated in the text field Name in the Print dialog box. Some of the pages will be more legible if you print them using landscape orientation. To print a form in Landscape mode, click File, then click Print, and then click Properties in the Printer dialog box. A Document Properties dialog box will appear. Click the Page Setup tab and then the Landscape radio button in the Orientation section of the dialog box. Click OK to set the Landscape mode and OK once more to cause the form to print.

For Mac Users – You can print a form by clicking the Print icon on the Toolbar of your browser and then click Print in the pop-up dialog box. Alternately, you can click File, and then click Print in the pop-up dialog box. Some of the pages will be more legible if you print them using Landscape mode. To print a form in Landscape mode, click File and then Page Setup in the drop-down menu. Click the Orientation icon to change the printer setting from Portrait to Landscape mode. Click OK to enable the setting and print the form using the instructions above.

15. Does WebAdvisor leave a "cookie" on my desktop to support its navigation?

WebAdvisor puts a session cookie on your desktop when you log into the system. When you close your browser, the cookie is erased.

16. I am getting slow response to my WebAdvisor queries. What is the problem?

There are a number of conditions that might affect your response time in WebAdvisor.  Often, an increase in the response time is related to Internet traffic. High levels of WebAdvisor use by other members of your institution also affect your response time. This delay is also caused by the additional processing required of the on-campus machine to respond to WebAdvisor queries. An example of a high-use time period would be during your institution’s Web registration period. You may also experience slower performance during peak usage periods for your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

17. How do I access WebAdvisor?

Current students can access WebAdvisor through this website after registering and paying for their first class. If you have difficulty logging in, please contact the eLearning 24/7 Help Line. Anyone without a Titan Live ID can still use WebAdvisor without logging in to access the Search for Classes function. This function is located on the WebAdvisor tab and menu on the left.

18. When am I assigned an advisor or when does it change?

Go to the following link to get the admissions requirements:

  • All currently enrolled students are assigned after registration if they are not assigned
  • New Students: after completion of orientation
  • Assignments are made once a month for those lacking an assigned person
  • If your program changes you are assigned a new person in your new program
  • Email needadvisor@gtcc.edu for more information

19. How do I make an appointment with my advisor?

20. How do I get an advisor?

Email needadvisor@gtcc.edu with the information below.

  1. Name & Student ID number (if you don’t know it go to https://applicationstatus.gtcc.edu)
  2. Major (if your program needs to be changed please complete a program change form, so that you are assigned to the correct person.
  3. Last Term of Attendance (if you have been out more than two years you have to reapply to the college by going to https://success.gtcc.edu)
  4. Are you a new student or returning student?
    Special Note: If you are a new student you are not assigned an advisor until after you attend orientation because you are advised by an advisor during orientation. This assignment is done at the end of the term. If you have not attended orientation please go to https://orientation.gtcc.edu.
  5. Visiting students are not assigned advisors.

21. Are you in a limited enrollment program?

Go to the following link to get the admissions requirements:

22. It states that I have a course conflict? What does this mean?

Please click on the course that indicates there is a time conflict.  It’s likely there is a lab attached to the course that has an additional time.

23. What does a restriction hold mean?

There is a hold on your record that needs to be resolved before you register.  The most common reasons for restrictions:

a. Business Holds: Indicates must see business office. Please see Cashiers office
b. Incomplete File: This means you are missing a transcript and must submit an official transcript before you can register. If you registered for the Fall without it we gave you one semester to get it in. Moving forward for new students they will have 30 days from the first day of class to get it in.

24. What hours is WebAdvisor available?

WebAdvisor is available 7 days per week and is only down for maintenance on the following days and times:

  • Monday: 3AM to 6AM
  • Tuesday: 3 AM to 6AM
Wednesday: 3AM to 6 AM
  • Thursday: 3AM to 6AM and 8:30  PM to 12:30 AM
Friday: 3AM to 6AM
  • Saturday Midnight to 6AM
Sunday: Midnight to 6AM